Earning good money is one of the important pre-requisites of a good financial life, however, if this money is not channelised properly into right investments in a planned manner, an investor can create a messy and a bad financial life. 

NRIs have to plan their finances well just like anybody else. But financial planning for NRIs has more variables & more complexity. Their finances are linked to more than one country which means more market forces & economic conditions are in play affecting their finances.

So If you an NRI, it’s important for you to make sure that you are investing your money in the right financial products, with the right advice, and through proper financial planning.

NRIs are usually Oversold & Underserved. They are also at a potential risk of mis-selling at the highest levels. Integrity is the foremost trait which an NRI should be looking for in an Advisor, followed by Knowledge & Experience.

Some important factors due to which NRI’s should be more serious about Financial Planning are :

Higher Amounts

NRI’s earn well and due to currency conversion benefit they have large amounts to invest on a monthly or lumpsum basis. So it becomes more important to handle it with care.


NRI taxation is more complicated compared to resident Indians and it depends on various things like products and country of residence.


An NRI has to make sure that they follow all the laws related to NRI’s and are always in compliance with the rules. Since they are abided by taxation & compliance of 2 countries, it become eminent that things are handled very carefully

Pressed for

NRI’s are too busy and its important for them to manage their finances with help of an expert financial planner. Less time means more chances of errors & in-turn higher possibilities of losses. That’s why a trusted advisor is greatly required.

Better Use of
Money Earned

Most of the NRI’s want to return back to India after few years, and want to plan their finances with that perspective but they are also prone to most of the mis-selling being done. So that also need to be vigilant on what they are being advised.

Higher Lifestyle

NRI’s want to have higher amount of goals and lead a better lifestyle which requires more careful financial planning. Wrong planning may lead to derailment of all goals you’ve planned for yourself.


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