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We’re not interested in selling financial “products”; we’re interested in putting our clients on their own path to the future they envision for themselves.

Please complete the form below for each friend or colleague that you would like to tell about Pragwealth Investment Solutions. For every referral which successfully converts into a client for us, you will receive an Amazon Gift Card worth INR 1000.

Wait, it doesn’t stops here !!!

At the end of every financial year we will take out name of one client who referred to us any number clients through a draw process & that client will win Jackpot reward of INR 10,000 worth of vouchers (Amazon & like). This will be our way of thanking you & appreciate the confidence you place in our practice.

There is no limit on the no. of clients you can refer & converted clients from that no. For eg : If u refer 50 people in a year & 10 gets converted as our clients then you are eligible for Amazon Vouchers worth INR 10,000.

Also the no. of times ur name in the draw is included will be equal to the no. of successful client conversions we have from you. For eg : If 10 clients have been converted from your referrals in a financial year then your name in draw will appear 10 times, which means you have 10 times more chances of winning the grand reward.

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    So, More Client Referrals means More Converted Clients in turn leads to more & more chances of winning the Jackpot !!!

    We get a Quality Client, You get the Reward, & the person you referred gets the tried & tested Professional, Ethical, Knowledgable & Client Centric Organisation to take care of their hard earned money. Win-Win for all !


    1. You can refer as many clients you want but make sure you have a word with them before giving us the referral so that when we contact them it should not come to them as a surprise.
    2. The minimum investment amount from the referred client should be at least from one of the below options (i) SIP – Minimum INR 10,00, (ii) Lumpsum – INR 1,00,000, (iii) Term Insurance – Minimum Premium Amount INR 12,000 inclusive of GST and (iv) Health insurance – Minimum Premium Amount INR 15000 inclusive of GST
    3. Partial SIP’s & Lumpsum Investments will be added with other referrals to achieve the minimum amount’s target for considering them to be eligible for a successful referral reward.
    4. Company has the right to forfeit or recover the referral amounts if the converted clients are not found genuine in any way.
    5. Company has the right to change or discontinue the referral programme without any prior intimation.
    6. References of close family members like father, mother, wife & children are not eligible for referral rewards. Brothers & sisters are eligible only if they are married.





    Our comprehensive online platform which empowers you to have access to your entire wealth portfolio across Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, ETFs, IPOs, Bonds along with your current valuation, at a single place. You can buy, sell or switch investments simply through your computer or smart phone any time and from anywhere in the world. The transaction process is speedy, smooth and leaves no paper trail. ‘Now never miss an opportunity to build your wealth because you were too far’.

    If some one does the good work, he should be rewarded.

    If you think that we have helped you make smart financial decisions which have lead you to lead a better life then you can help your friends & family experience the same. Reward us with Referral & we’ll reward you with smiles, gratitude & Amazon Vouchers !!!