Good days ahead for Smallcap Index

Nifty SmallCap 100 Index took a double breakout 2 weeks back. Was waiting last week for confirmation & it has resumed the trend. (This post was first published on our official facebook page on 12th Jan 2020) It has broken 38 weeks old downtrend (BLUE LINE) & has risen back & closed above 3.5 year […]

Are Markets actually on lifetime highs ?

I have a lot of queries coming in from our clients from fast few days regarding the same thing, they are confused that inspite of markets trading at life time highs their mutual fund portfolios are not performing as per the markets. Although I have explained it numerous time individually & in our Investor education […]

Behaviour not Mathematics is the key to Wealth Creation

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill Our behaviour and attitude are big game changers in the challenge that is life. If these factors affect our daily activity and outcomes, imagine how they affect big decisions, like investment. Our behaviour affects our financial position. Our psychology determines how fast […]

Love for Fixed Income never dies

All through my 14+ year experience Iv always been comfortable in equity Investing rather than Debt or fixed income investments solely because when analysed carefully with longer time frames, equity (read Mutual Funds) tend to give decent returns as compared to debt investments but the main reason was that inspite of keeping all the checks […]

FOMO ? You are not alone !

Lot of clients now enquiring about buying GOLD in electronic form. This fits perfect in the theory of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Retail Investor always runs towards the Assets which are moving higher. Be it Gold, Equities or Real Estate. But sadly they always end up getting stuck as they don’t understand a simple […]

How to apply for Reliance Rights Issue Shares

This is the compilation of a Twitter thread written by Mr. Manoj Nagpal (Twitter ID – @NagpalManoj). We are compiling it here so that maximum readers can be benefitted from it. All credits to Mr. Manoj Nagpal. This is just to help you with the Basic Qs on “How to”. This thread is NOT about […]

The fascination of Stock Market Trading – Are you really ready for it ?

Trading will always seem to be very lucrative especially in today’s time when internet is flooded with so called knowledge about trading techniques. What these videos don’t tell you is that in theory everything seems very positive & doable but in practical the reality is exactly opposite due to loads of reasons. Below is todays […]