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The fascination of Stock Market Trading – Are you really ready for it ?

Trading will always seem to be very lucrative especially in today’s time when internet is flooded with so called knowledge about trading techniques. What these videos don’t tell you is that in theory everything seems very positive & doable but in practical the reality is exactly opposite due to loads of reasons.

Below is todays news in Times of India.

I can say this very confidently coz im testing these waters since ages now. Many clients know the details of my trading experience & im still working on it. But have I made any big money in it, NO. n iv been doing it for almost 10 years now n iv put in countless days n nights studying & learning about it.

There is always one issue or another due to which I end up giving away my profits or incur losses. Its not that the analysis is wrong but trading on it is an entirely different thing, money is involved & therefore emotions are involved which leads to mistakes. Staring constantly to the trading screen & charts is so tiring that I feel restless almost all the time even when im not trading.

I am not saying its not doable but there are only 1-2% of the people who succeed in this n that too after years of losses, disappointments, learning & relearning 1000s of times. Those who can keep control on their emotions, follow strict discipline & posses years of knowledge & experience usually become good traders but believe me this is easier said than done. I know some people who made big in trading & are doing well for themselves but I also know a ton of people who were unsuccessful & have lost considerable amount of money in trading.

Get one thing in your head, Trading is one of the most difficult jobs in this world but ironically most people think otherwise & end up losing huge money. My advice is if you want to try it, start small, real small. Frankly this is the most important aspect of trading, trading within your limits. This alone will help you to shield yourself from big losses.

Also I must admit here that this is the one of the sole reasons of my failure in trading. Due to some past incidences I somehow loose my control & end up overtrading & 90% of times its the reason for my losses. But I am working on it n some strategies which if turned well & I end up making some consistent money on it then I will share with all of you.

I am working deeply on an infrastructure which could lead our clients to some disciplined stock investing & trading if they want. As you know I share things in finance only when I have personally experienced them & I don’t have any doubts about them so I am working on it & I hope soon I would come up with some new & exciting opportunities for all of you.

Mutual Fund investing is lot easier because by default you are in for long term, cannot use leverage & most importantly you don’t have to make decisions repeatedly about your strategy & investments whereas in case of trading you have to make crucial decisions trade after trade after trade. More decisions simply means more probabilities of going wrong which in turn means more probability of losses due to wrong decisions. Always remember one wrong trade can wipe out all the profits of 10 profitable trades & even the capital. The understanding of this aspect is highly underrated as I have felt.

So try not to get urself in a mess in the hope of making big money in trading. Stay safe from Corona & random stock trading. 🙂

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